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    In the unlikelihood of you needing a part for your Japanese imported vehicle, we may be able to help.

    As we have noticed over the years some main dealers don’t like to help with parts for Japanese imported vehicles, or if they do they will tell you it's going to be here in 2030 and the price can rise dramatically.

    Luckily we can source new or used parts directly from Europe/Japan or even Australia while keeping costs at a minimum.

    All second-hand parts are fully tested before committing to purchase, so you have no worries about waiting a few weeks and finding out it doesn’t work.

    We can source spare Nissan Elgrand keys and transponders, single door or twin door. We have full diagnostic equipment to program your spare key, you can have up to four keys programmed to any one car. We can also import parts for Japanese sports cars, like exhausts or induction kits.

    Maybe Your Mpv Didn’t Come With Curtains?

    Not a problem, we can source standard factory curtains including rails or even 10-piece thermo curtains which arrive in a neat little holdall.

    What About Full Bentley-style stitched Interior Leather?

    Any color you like, you can even pick the color of your own stitching. It's not cheap, around £500-£700 depending on the vehicle and style you choose but in my personal opinion very much worth every penny

    Please fill out the form below with your requirements, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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